Thursday, December 30, 2010

My First Post

In attempt to document my travels as a new mother and newly unemployed self I have decided to create a blog. A little about me: I live in Charlotte, NC with my hubby, the newest of our crew Mr. Cole Parker (our baby boy blue who was born June 18, 2010), Ripken and Kirby our two pups. Prior to being unemployed I was the Manager/Dental Assistant for a dental office close to my home. I was unfortunately laid off in April of this year. The reason for my lay off, I have no idea! Dang Canadians! Lol! I was brought into the doctor's office and told that all would be explained in a lunch meeting that would take place two weeks later... Needless to say, I was never contacted however I would have never went. I know some will say, "she probably did something" but, I can assure you I did nothing other than perhaps getting pregnant. Ha-ha. Oh well. It was all a blessing in disguise; for I have enjoyed every moment with my little man. He is the cutest thing I have ever laid my eyes on. So, there it is. I will be sure to enlighten you with my experiences there have been so many already, I'm sure I will revisit those as well. :)

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