Friday, December 31, 2010

The House of Many Colors...Well, Many Blues

I was making breakfast for my little guy and my mind began to ponder... Some my see the title of my blog and assume "well, I guess that girl is down in the dumps quite a bit". On the contrary, the "Hues of Blue" relate to all the men in my humble abode. :) I have my husband -Josh, my son -Cole Parker, and my two pups -Kirby and Ripken who yes, are also boys! Not only that but, when we were moving into our new home I wanted to paint rooms in purples and grey tones. The husband however insisted on something "more manly". So, I went with blues. I did have one little room dedicated to my crafty ways which I painted the purplest purple you could think of! It didn't last long though, that room has transformed into gray, lime green, black and white with a crib, a mobile, a rocking chair and all kinds of different baby needs and gadgets. All different shades throughout our home ranging from light carolina blue to deep turquoise. I obviously didn't think things out... I am surrounded by boys and boy colors all the time! :) Good thing I'm in love with them all!

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