Friday, December 31, 2010

Random Pictures

I know I just posted a lot of random pics but, I just wanted to share a few. :)

This is Cole~Man's recliner. 
The bebe and I
Yeah, I'm a balla'
Lil' man, the Husband and I

My little man chillin' in his chair. 

The House of Many Colors...Well, Many Blues

I was making breakfast for my little guy and my mind began to ponder... Some my see the title of my blog and assume "well, I guess that girl is down in the dumps quite a bit". On the contrary, the "Hues of Blue" relate to all the men in my humble abode. :) I have my husband -Josh, my son -Cole Parker, and my two pups -Kirby and Ripken who yes, are also boys! Not only that but, when we were moving into our new home I wanted to paint rooms in purples and grey tones. The husband however insisted on something "more manly". So, I went with blues. I did have one little room dedicated to my crafty ways which I painted the purplest purple you could think of! It didn't last long though, that room has transformed into gray, lime green, black and white with a crib, a mobile, a rocking chair and all kinds of different baby needs and gadgets. All different shades throughout our home ranging from light carolina blue to deep turquoise. I obviously didn't think things out... I am surrounded by boys and boy colors all the time! :) Good thing I'm in love with them all!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

A Very Merry Christmas Indeed

Ok, so I know that Christmas is over but, I had to share my first Christmas experience as a mommy. Hey, it was only a few days ago, get over it! ;) On Christmas Eve we traveled to my hubby's grandmothers and enjoyed lunch. From there we went to my grandfather's for dinner. I noticed that my baby CP was a little fussy (not like him he is a very happy and engaging) but, I chalked it up to the four yes, FOUR shots that he got at the doctors office that Monday. By the time dinner was ready Cole was definitely not happy. We soon went home and I gave him Tylenol and put him to bed. Six am comes around, he wakes up in a sweat! I was so scared. I checked his temperature and it was 103.5! I called the doctor's office to reach the on call nurse and... NOTHING! So, off to the emergency room we went. Turns out he had bronchitis and the start of pneumonia! Scary to think sickness can creep up on my little fella so quickly. Five hours after arriving they gave us antibiotics and we were off. Thankfully he is doing much better and should be back to normal in a couple more days. :) That was our first Christmas morning in a nutshell. A very merry Christmas indeed.  We did get snow that night though so, it was a white Christmas!

My First Post

In attempt to document my travels as a new mother and newly unemployed self I have decided to create a blog. A little about me: I live in Charlotte, NC with my hubby, the newest of our crew Mr. Cole Parker (our baby boy blue who was born June 18, 2010), Ripken and Kirby our two pups. Prior to being unemployed I was the Manager/Dental Assistant for a dental office close to my home. I was unfortunately laid off in April of this year. The reason for my lay off, I have no idea! Dang Canadians! Lol! I was brought into the doctor's office and told that all would be explained in a lunch meeting that would take place two weeks later... Needless to say, I was never contacted however I would have never went. I know some will say, "she probably did something" but, I can assure you I did nothing other than perhaps getting pregnant. Ha-ha. Oh well. It was all a blessing in disguise; for I have enjoyed every moment with my little man. He is the cutest thing I have ever laid my eyes on. So, there it is. I will be sure to enlighten you with my experiences there have been so many already, I'm sure I will revisit those as well. :)