Saturday, February 12, 2011

So, It's Been A While

I know I've been really slack on posting lately. I could say that I've been crazy busy and worn out by the end of the day but, let's face it I think it just comes down to being lazy. Sorry about that. So, the cloth diaper experiment has been... I'd say a success. My order came in and I began using them right away. I only ordered two different kinds though, G-diaper's G-pant and a Thirsties duo-wrap. I've been using the old school pre-fold diapers as inserts. I also bought two kissaluv's diapers which I love but, they are expensive (about $12 each) and being that I am currently unemployed I will have to get one once in a while. Just yesterday I received flushable diaper liners. which I can say are tremendously helpful when your little one has a lot going on in there! Hopefully I'll be able to stock up on more covers soon. 

Cole Parker sporting his orange diaper. And, chewing on Sophie. ;)

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